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Perfect Match Music Primary 1

Wong Joon Hwang

ISBN: 9789810607616

Subject: Music
Level: Primary

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These beautifully illustrated textbook cum activity books take on a creative and performing focus by presenting ample opportunities for hands-on activities.
They help pupils to develop fundamental musicianship skills such as Listening, Creating, and Performing, whilst encouraging them to participate actively in class.
Cross-Curricular activities are interspersed throughout the books to complement pupils' music education and enrich their learning experience.

Features of the pupil's book:
• Work It Out - Suggests tips to guide pupils through activities in a sequential manner
• Try It Out - Suggests interesting activities to reinforce music concepts learnt
• Check It Out - Suggests relevant supplementary material on the web to allow pupils to learn beyond the book
• Memory Note - Reinforces a musical concept or definition that has been covered previously from an earlier primary level
• Creative Corner - Allows pupils to be involved in creative group music-making, including activities that require pupils to improvise or compose, and further expose them to interdisciplinary links such as art, language or drama
• Activity Spot - Involves individual project work of a research-based or creative nature and is usually followed up by a sharing session in class
• Assessment rubrics - Provide guidelines for evaluating one's own or group performances and improving performing skills

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